Talent Knows NO Color.

By Dennis Njoroge In the past two weeks, two well known football players namely Paul Pogba and Tammy Abraham of Manchester united and Chelsea Football club respectively have been subjects of racial abuse from their fans because of missing vital penalties that could have seen their respective teams winning the match. The abuse come from... Continue Reading →


Exploring Young People’s Perspective on Empowerment, relationships, and Sexual Choices

By Constance Ndeleko During a workshop conducted at the Institute of Management in Kisumu by SRHR Alliance partners in West Kenya and the Kenya Institute of Management, youths converged to discuss ways on Exploring Young People’s Perspective on Empowerment, relationships, and Sexual Choices. They were divided into groups to discuss the various issues that are... Continue Reading →

Two weeks on Boat or 8 hours on Plane?

By Ann Wambui If there is something that scares me right now is the vast change in weather patterns especially the beginning of 2019. It was dry longer than it usually is and as a country, Kenya, we experienced drought in various parts of the country. Both children and adults succumbed to famine and there... Continue Reading →

“The best days of my August holiday”

By Ann Wambui Wow! What an amazing week it has been since we started the second Children Journalism training on August 13 and completed today August 16, 2019. Children from both boarding and day schools between ages 6-17 showed up eager to learn different contexts of journalism in the simplest way and just to have... Continue Reading →

#Break the Silence

By Constance Ndeleko As we're still in the mood of celebrating International Youth Day, The Bliss Project, donated a song to Childline Kenya, 'Nisikize'.  The video 'Nisikize' was launched today and dedicated to children who have suffered different forms of abuse by Childline brand ambassador Shiva Benawra. Shive states, 'it is important to stand up... Continue Reading →

Motherhood is NOT a crime

By Ann Wambui A mother is the most powerful human being to have ever set foot on planet earth. Why? Because she channels to life another human being and nurtures that child from childhood to adulthood. However, it is usually not a smooth road for all due to the challenges that comes with life. Mothers are... Continue Reading →

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