Covid-19: Socio-Economic Impact on Households

By Constance Ndeleko Survey by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) The objectives of the survey was to assess the socio-economic impact of Kenya especially during this pandemic, measure its impact on their health, labor market, transport cost and housing sector, awareness and appropriate measures taken. Although majority of respondents (64.8%) were aged between 18... Continue Reading →

Children’s views on back to school in June

By Ann Wambui Students in Kenya have been home for two months since coronavirus became a threat to human existence and as a precaution, President Uhuru Kenyatta announced closure of all schools as a way to control the spread of the virus and to keep children safe. This happened in the first term of the... Continue Reading →

Put your tech gadgets away, bond

By Ann Wambui We have all experienced this change of lifestyle since novel coronavirus became part of our daily lives resulting to the enforcement of complete as well as partial lock downs in affected countries as a way to mitigate the spread and contraction of Covid-19 virus. So far, over 187 countries worldwide have reported... Continue Reading →

Mothers. Our greatest treasures

By Ann Wambui Today is a special day and one of my favorite of the year. As I am writing this, my heart is full of joy knowing that one of the most amazing human beings in my world is sleeping soundly and snoring the night away. Mother’s Day is celebrated every second Sunday of... Continue Reading →

Chief arrested for defiling a minor

By Collins Orono Police officers have arrested a senior Chief in Bomet County after being caught red-handed defiling a 15-year-old girl in his car. The Mogogosiek location administrator Mr. David  Langat, was found with a form one girl inside the vehicle at a garage. Mr. Langat was frog-marched to the local police station where he... Continue Reading →

Effects of childhood abuse in adulthood

By Ann Wambui “What happens in your past should not determine your future”. A very wise saying and a truthful one at that matter. Childhood days are so valuable and even though you may not remember every single detail, there are memories you carry with you every day and can sometimes even picture how it... Continue Reading →

KNBS Economic Survey: Child Protection

By Constance Ndeleko The Kenya National Bureau of Statics Economic Survey (KNBS) of 2020, highlights child protection cases projecting data from the year 2017-2019. This particular information shades light on progress, shortcomings and how we can improve our approach towards protecting children in Kenya. With notable changes on our economic structure in the world it... Continue Reading →

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