“Streets is the only home we know”

By Ann Wambui June 5, 2019, a rainy Wednesday at around 7:45 AM my colleague and I left Nairobi for Lodwar, Turkana county in the Northern part of Kenya. After a few hours of settling in  the town we sought out to meet some of the officials who would be helping us move around to... Continue Reading →


When Elephants fight it’s the Grass that Suffers

By Constance Ndeleko  Pasture and water conflicts have long been part of the socio-cultural pattern of the pastoral communities in Kenya. The lands are traditional tribal grazing areas. As one tribe migrate in search of pasture and water into others land, it often causes conflict between the pastoral communities Last week we visited Isiolo and... Continue Reading →

End Of FGM By 2022, Can He Do It?

By Jennifer Kaberi In his reamarks at Women Deliver in Canada, President Uhuru Kenyatta, pledged to End Female Gental Mutilation by the time he will be leaving office. He said that he is committed to gender equality and negative cultural practices such as FGM do not not contribute to his agenda. So here is our... Continue Reading →

What Age is the Right Age?

By Miriam Jomo Back in the day, owning a mobile phone was a privilege leave alone having access to one. Lucky are those who came from a well-established background for they were the first ones to have access to mobile phones. The mobile phone was only for the adult and kids were not allowed to... Continue Reading →

Predator in Church Preying on Children

By Constance Ndeleko It is alarming how those hiding behind the cloth in pretense to be holier than though yet they carry on with their disgusting lust of luring children into sexual activities while they stand tall in front of congregations. Existence of Child Sexual Abuse in our religious institutions seems never to stop amusing... Continue Reading →

Social Media Has Improved The Lives Of Children

By Jennifer Kaberi Children born today have a better chance than at any time in history to grow up healthy, educated and protected, with the opportunity to reach their full potential., according to Save the Children  annual Global Childhood Report and End of Childhood Index. More children are healthy and surviving past their fifth birthday.... Continue Reading →

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