INSPIRE A Child Bride to become A Princess Bride

Meghan is on her honeymoon, while Noura might be hunged tomorrow, in this article I will to show how we can prevent having more Noura. In 2015, the world started implementing a 17 goals strategy to ensure peaceful, prosperous, planet for all people know as the sustainable development goals (SDGs). The SDGs envision that this... Continue Reading →


AT WHAT COST? the cost of child marriage

By Liz Busisa Every day, more than 41,000 girls marry while they are still children, without having fully matured physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically to become wives and mothers. Child marriage can be defined a union of persons who are below the age of 18 years; either one or both parties should be below the... Continue Reading →


By Kevin Anyonge A new report on development assistance to end child violence is out, the report show that a small percentage of overseas development assistance channeled towards ending child violence. The overseas development assistance (ODA) to end violence against children has been reviewed, in the report dubbed Counting Pennies established that in the year... Continue Reading →

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