Walking on thin ice!

1000 children die annually of Pneumonia but those numbers could change through just a little more care could...



       By Constance Ndeleko                            It is every child’s dream to have a family or society that really cares and loves them. But it is unfortunate that some children have to undergo neglect even at a tender age. The world is... Continue Reading →

Ending FGM From The Family Level

By Rose Chebet Female genital mutilation and Gender based Violence (GBV)  have been a vice, at times a practice in our society. Back in the days, FGM was a common practice, in our society, only that I feel we didn't give it as much thought as it meant. Just as a boy goes through circumcision... Continue Reading →

Fears of a Future Dad

By Ken Musaba I came to realize that most of the upcoming parents have fears on the world misfortunes that might befall their children. most people that our children trust are the ones who end up messing up their lives. Just the other day I heard my nephew sing a rap song with very distasteful... Continue Reading →

Violence in the Lives of Children

By Liz Amandla Violence has become too common a scourge that ails our societies. Not failing to mention that violence in the lives of children has become more rampant in this era of information that has created even more awareness than the past decade. It has now been termed by UNICEF as a familiar face... Continue Reading →

Protection of Our Children Our Priority

By Kevin Anyonge The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights Report that a number of children have been harmed, teargassed, injured and killed this year. This is against the UN Security Council who urged more protection for children in conflicts, meeting this year on 31st October 2017 in New York attended by UN secretary general... Continue Reading →

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