What You Need to Know About Children and Elections

By Jennifer Kaberi It is that season when ,your little one comes home shouting Tibim, Tano tena, fagia wote, as parent you will start asking yourself where on earth did they learn all this from. It natural for any parent to want to shield there children from the ever increasing political discourse, but in  reality... Continue Reading →


Peace for Kenyan Children

By Kevin Anyonge The European Union’s election observer mission has been in the country (Kenya) deliberating on way forward as the election approaches and how Kenya is prepared and how it will execute its election, it’s almost   a decade ago since thousands of people died and thousands others displaced during the post-election violence of 2007... Continue Reading →

The Jubilee Promise- What about Quality

By Liz Busisa Creation of 1.3 million jobs in the country every year and the establishment of at least one industry in every county encourages the principles of development and survival of the child, which indirectly affects children. The eighth sustainable development goal stresses on the provision of decent work and economic growth. In Kenya... Continue Reading →

The Promise of Education

By Jennifer Kaberi The NARC manifesto in 2002 that promised free primary education is one that has been a bench mark for many political manifestos. I agree that promise provided a solution to the increasing number of children unable to attend school because of lack of school related cost. The promise resulted to an over... Continue Reading →

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