Protecting Young Minds

By Peter Midwa Did you know that our young children are a glittering reflection of creativity in science, technology and innovation? About one week has passed, and the first Young Scientists Kenya National Science and Technology Exhibition that took place at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi on 5th and 6th July 2018... Continue Reading →


World Refugee Day; Life in the camp

World Refugee Day 2018: State of children refugees. According to UNHCR data,

How safe are our children

By Titus Kariuki Moi girls school students set to resume classes on Tuesday 12th June. This is after the school was closed for a week following a defilement incident last week. Moi girls’ schools has made news headlines twice all for the wrong reasons. Last week when a girl was raped by an unknown person... Continue Reading →

State of sexual abuse in Kenyan schools

By Ann Wambui As a child goes to school, their expectation is that their interaction with other children is safe, regardless of the grade or class other children are in. However, this is not always the pattern as some senior pupils tend to bully the juniors and in certain cases, reports of sexual abuse do... Continue Reading →

 Laws to Improve Child Justice

By Constance Ndeleko                             What is the idle age for a child to be arraigned in a juvenile court? Well sometimes it is a bit difficult and disturbing to talk about some topics especially when it’s matters in relation to children. Today we... Continue Reading →

Stopping End of Childhood will Take Us All

By Ann Wambui Do you remember your childhood memories? Like going on random play dates with neighboring children at individual’s homes, when it was no big deal taking baths outside in the sun while other children watched, when you would have relatives visit home and bring those unusual pleasantries your parents would not give you?... Continue Reading →

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