Day of the African Child; Ending child Marriage

Children are to be guided, protected, educated, given the space to make mistakes and learn as it is the part of life of any other adult. Childhood provides the environment for one to grow and dream for whatever they would want to accomplish as they become adults. In this phase of life, they have role... Continue Reading →


The Unseen Mothers

As we celebrate mothers today, their is a category of mothers who are never seen and will probably not be celebrated today, The Child/Teenage Mothers. It is estimated 700 Million women and girls alive today were married before the age of 18 years. In sub saharan African 15,000 million girls are married before tha age... Continue Reading →

Time To Act,Not Yet A Bride

By Kevin Anyonge Child marriage is still hampering development in Kenya,as underage girls get married off and at early age killing their future dreams.A Father and Mother of right sense would not let her daughter prematuley cut off her education to get married she could have achieved her dreams of being a Pilot,Lawyer,Doctor,Teacher and many... Continue Reading →

A Community Approach to End Child Marriage

By Kevin Anyonge Child Marriages and Violence Against Children still pose as a threat to the society today, despite government and various civil society organization taking measures these vices are put to end. Child marriages still happens to date and is rampant across the country. Kilifi and Lamu County Child Rights Network doing a presentation... Continue Reading →

AT WHAT COST? the cost of child marriage

By Liz Busisa Every day, more than 41,000 girls marry while they are still children, without having fully matured physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically to become wives and mothers. Child marriage can be defined a union of persons who are below the age of 18 years; either one or both parties should be below the... Continue Reading →

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