World Day for International Justice

By Constance Ndeleko 17th of July the world observes the World International Day for Justice, since its launch 21 years ago in Kampala, Uganda. It was created with the sole purpose of a permanent international court to hold perpetrators of the world’s severest crimes to account. 120 countries adopted the Rome Statute of the International... Continue Reading →


A court in South Sudan invalidates marriage of teenage girl in a historical ruling

By Constance Ndeleko Women and girls can now heave a sigh of relief in South Sudan after a court in Juba ruled in their favor when it nullified a case on early child marriage. This is after a ruling was made on early child marriage case that involved a 16-year old girl who was to... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Children in the Institutions- DAC

By Constance Ndeleko Kenya has 28 Children Institutions and these institutions need to be made better. The Day of the African Child is always celebrated on the 16th of June every year to commemorate 1976 student uprising in Soweto, South Africa. This day raises awareness of the continuing need for an improved quality education system... Continue Reading →

Milimani Children’s Court Open Day

By Constance Ndeleko During the Milimani Children’s Court Open Day held at the Milimani court on 6th May, Children from different institutions were invited to participate and also learn how the justice system can be made better to enhance the full realization of their potential in the society. The most heated and controversial topic that... Continue Reading →

Doodling Lands Children in Court

By Constance Ndeleko Three school girls 15, 16 and 17 years of age who were charged in court, for doodling images of their president in text books have been released in Burundi. The three children had been arrested on counts of insulting the head of state president Pierre Nkurunziza last week. Their detention raised eyebrows... Continue Reading →

The Vice Damaging African Children

By Constance Ndeleko 33,000 girls and boys have expressed fear that the rising corruption is severely affecting their access to education and health. This is in reference to a recent child consultation undertaken to highlight the level of corruption in Africa. The report- STOLEN FUTURES: The impact of corruption on children in Africa was compiled... Continue Reading →

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