Situation of children and adolescents in Kenya

By Khadija Mbesa Kenya is a nation of children and youth, with more than half the estimated population of 36 million under the age of 18 years. An estimated 6 million children require special care and protection of which approximately 2.4 million children are orphans.   Orphans who have no direct or day to day adult care... Continue Reading →

why it is important to educate refugee children,

By Constance Ndeleko “Children are the most vulnerable category, they are the future. Education is important and if they don’t get it now, we risk a lost generation. If host countries don’t help them, children will be left to the street. We should change the narrative. Those children, if educated well and put on the... Continue Reading →

      A Healthy Child, A vibrant Life

By Constance Ndeleko Children are most likely to prefer the sweet taste (of foods) and may find some vegetable foul-tasting. At times, they may decline to or eat only a limited variety of fruit and vegetables. This could be traumatizing for parents since fruits are a beneficial factor in children’s growth and development. Fruits and... Continue Reading →

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