Corporal Punishment on Children

Should we allow corporal punishment in schools?


Catholic Churches, launch Child Safeguarding Standard and Guidelines

By Constance Ndeleko Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in East Africa (AMECEA) launched the Child Safeguarding Standards and Guidelines today in Nairobi. These guidelines are set to the Catholics especially for policy development. Child safeguarding is the overall approach where children are vulnerable to different forms of abuse and can be exposed to risk or... Continue Reading →

World’s Menstrual Hygiene Day

By Constance Ndeleko As we mark World’s Menstrual Hygiene Day it is important for everyone to understand the relevance of hygiene more so during that day of the month. Everyone should understand that menstrual hygiene is not a taboo but a natural phenomenon that happens to women when they are of age. For most women... Continue Reading →

Technology and Young Families.

By Miriam Jomo Most families are out here complaining just how much technology is taking over their families especially the lives of their children. But they don’t know when enough is enough or what to do to control it. With a world population estimated to have reached 7.7 billion people as of April 2019, there are 5.11... Continue Reading →

Launch of Internet of Good Things in Kenya

By Miriam Jomo Today Safaricom and Unicef launched  the Internet of Good Things (IoGT) in Kenya at Safaricom House, Michael Joseph Centre. Internet of Good Things (IoGT)  is a UNICEF initiative, currently accessible in over 62 counties and territories around the world and helping to bridge the digital divide and build knowledge societies. IoGT hosts... Continue Reading →

Children of imprisoned mother

By Constance Ndeleko It is important for our society to enhance child protection mechanism even in the statutory institutions. During the Dissemination meeting for Baseline Survey Report for Children of Imprisoned Mothers Launch held at in Nairobi various concerns were raised that need a quick response for the full realization of a child’s potential. Children... Continue Reading →

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