What will it take to End Child Marriage?

By Khadija Mbesa Kenya has been among the countries in Africa where child marriage is common, this is driven mostly by culture, poverty, lack of education and FGM. 23% of Kenyan girls are married before they are 18 years old and 4% married at the age of 15. First thing first, cultural differences, if only... Continue Reading →


Her story matters. Her life matters.

By Ann Wambui All genders are equal regardless of how society has portrayed girls to be inferior. And as they always say, “what a man can do, a woman can do better”. I am not just saying this to brag but because it is a true reflection of what women nowadays are doing thanks to... Continue Reading →

Teachers. Holders of education ladders

By Ann Wambui Education is important and without the teachers, there would be no straight direction. Teachers are the bridge between learners and books. They interpret what has been published in a language that students can comprehend and relate to. Good teachers simplify difficult subjects and make them favorite topics through various practicals. From kindergarten... Continue Reading →

Age of sexual consent to remain at 18

By Ann Wambui Let us take a little test. Do you understand the term “consent”? Are you aware that saying yes or no is just not enough? Someone may consent to something with zero ideas of the consequences that follow. In March 2019, three judges of the High Court proposed to have the age of... Continue Reading →

Shida kuu zinazowakabili watoto nchini Kenya

By Khadija Mbesa Licha ya kuridhia Mkataba wa Kimataifa wa Haki za Mtoto, Kenya bado haijatimiza kutekeleza kwao kwa ukamilifu. Umasikini, ukame, kuongezeka kwa idadi ya watu, mizozo ya ndani, utulivu wa kisiasa na shida inayokua ya wakimbizi ni miongoni mwa mambo mengi ambayo yamepunguza na kuzuia matumizi ya kanuni zote za CRC nchini. baadhi ya shida kuu... Continue Reading →

Peace equals happy generations

By Ann Wambui Peace of mind is very important for any human being. Without peace of mind, things seem to scatter everywhere and the body is unsettled. Just the freedom from disturbance and enjoying little and big moments of life with loved ones. Without peace in any country, its citizens are uneasy and cannot move... Continue Reading →

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