By Dennis Njoroge Who is a role model? A role model is a person whose behaviors, examples and success are or can be emulated by others especially by young people. Role models may have a considerable impact on a person’s value, education and chosen training objective. While in high school some years back I used... Continue Reading →



By Melissa Palussy, 10 Long time ago the Loin was king of all the animals. All the animals obeyed him and did all the work he asked them to do. One day, lion called a big meeting so that he could give new orders. The king asked the elephant to make a loud noise that... Continue Reading →


By Dennis Njoroge I know most of you have visited a swimming pool, either for purpose of competition or just recreation activities, but we must all agree that swimming is fun. I know during the swimming activities you have probably noticed that the population of children at the pool is usually high, sometimes we come... Continue Reading →

Benefit of Sports in Children

 By Dennis Njoroge                                              Hey guys, so this is the last sequel of benefits to children engaging in sporting activity but it’s definitely not the last article about sports and children, more are on... Continue Reading →

A sporty Child

By Dennis Njoroge They say all work without play makes Jack a dull boy, it is an old saying and it will remain very factual. Most schools in Kenya have physical education (P.E) as part of their day to the day learning activity, in high schools they have the first term and second term secondary... Continue Reading →

Psychological Support for the Child

Constance Ndeleko Giving children the opportunity to be stimulated and learn is one of the ways to enhance a healthy development physically, mentally and emotionally. We gather for a training course organized by (REPSSI) Regional Psycho-social Support Initiative that gives psychological support into programs and services for girls, boys and youth in East and Southern... Continue Reading →

THIS IS OUR DAY, THE 11th of October

Constance Ndeleko International Day of the Girl was declared by United Nation General Assembly on 19th December 2011, to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world. The day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges the girl’s face while promoting girls' empowerment and the fulfillment of their human... Continue Reading →

United in the Camp: Holiday at it’s Best

By Kevin Anyonge  A society that cares for its children plays a big role in the nurturing and future investment in children. Showing the parental love and caring builds towards growth and development of a child at a tender age. Dignified Children International has been spreading love and care to children by holding a series... Continue Reading →


 By Constance Ndeleko It is another day and seated under the shade as the sun sets on the west I ask myself this, Do I know children rights and about their welfare? How many people know about them? Do children know that they have an act that protects them and they have rights? What are... Continue Reading →

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