Zero HIV, For Zero Hunger

 By Constance Ndeleko Failure to address food and nutrition insecurity could translate into a failure to achieve the target to end AIDS as a global pandemic by 2030. Over one third of the population in Kenya still lives under the international poverty line and social, economic and gender disparities remain 35.6% of people live on less than US$... Continue Reading →


Siku ya Kupambana na Umasikini duniani.

By Khadija Mbesa Kwa kweli mnyonge hana haki, katika hii dunia ya sasa, masikini hana haki kabisa, amepokonywa hadi nguvu za kuongea. Moja ya funguo za kukumbana na umasikini wa watoto ni kuushughulikia umasikini huo kupitia kaya zinazoathirika kutokana na ugonjwa huo, Upataji wa huduma bora za kijamii lazima iwe kipaumbele. "- Katibu Mkuu wa... Continue Reading →

Her story matters. Her life matters.

By Ann Wambui All genders are equal regardless of how society has portrayed girls to be inferior. And as they always say, “what a man can do, a woman can do better”. I am not just saying this to brag but because it is a true reflection of what women nowadays are doing thanks to... Continue Reading →

Sigh of Relief; State the of Class

By Constance Ndeleko Development… Following a story I published early this year in May on the State of Class in Kilifi County, Mangororo Primary School in Ganze Sub-county; where students found themselves in a conceding situation after they reported in school only, to find their classrooms flooded when the heaven’s opened causing a heavy down... Continue Reading →

Siku ya Mtoto wa Kike,

By Khadija Mbesa Oktoba tarehe 11 mwaka wa 2019: siku ya kimataifa ya mtoto wa kike: Mawakala ya mabadiliko: Wasichana kupigania ulimwengu ulio bora.   Katika hafla ya Siku ya Kimataifa ya Mtoto wa Wa kike, wataalam wa haki za binadamu wa UN * wameshangilia nguvu na hisia za uharaka, na pia ujasiri na akili,... Continue Reading →

Environmental Risks

By Constance Ndeleko Children are uniquely vulnerable to air pollution – due both to their physiology as well as to the type and degree of their exposure. Around 300 million children currently live in areas where the air is toxic – exceeding international limits by at least six times. Around 600,000 of those were children... Continue Reading →

The Future is Now

By Constance Ndeleko This report, The Future is now: Science for Achieving Sustainable Development, is the first quadrennial Global Sustainable Development Report prepared by an independent group of scientists. Why the report Despite great efforts achieved under the SDGs there’re still some loop holes that need to be sealed. There has been limited progress globally,... Continue Reading →

Global Child Protection

By Khadija Mbesa Children in every country, every culture, at every social and economic level are at risk of violence including physical and emotional abuse, sexual harm and exploitation, and neglect or deliberate deprivation. Every child has the right to feel safe, both at home and at school. Children living in households and communities impacted... Continue Reading →

Teachers. Holders of education ladders

By Ann Wambui Education is important and without the teachers, there would be no straight direction. Teachers are the bridge between learners and books. They interpret what has been published in a language that students can comprehend and relate to. Good teachers simplify difficult subjects and make them favorite topics through various practicals. From kindergarten... Continue Reading →

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