Zero HIV, For Zero Hunger

 By Constance Ndeleko Failure to address food and nutrition insecurity could translate into a failure to achieve the target to end AIDS as a global pandemic by 2030. Over one third of the population in Kenya still lives under the international poverty line and social, economic and gender disparities remain 35.6% of people live on less than US$... Continue Reading →


Sigh of Relief; State the of Class

By Constance Ndeleko Development… Following a story I published early this year in May on the State of Class in Kilifi County, Mangororo Primary School in Ganze Sub-county; where students found themselves in a conceding situation after they reported in school only, to find their classrooms flooded when the heaven’s opened causing a heavy down... Continue Reading →

Environmental Risks

By Constance Ndeleko Children are uniquely vulnerable to air pollution – due both to their physiology as well as to the type and degree of their exposure. Around 300 million children currently live in areas where the air is toxic – exceeding international limits by at least six times. Around 600,000 of those were children... Continue Reading →

The Future is Now

By Constance Ndeleko This report, The Future is now: Science for Achieving Sustainable Development, is the first quadrennial Global Sustainable Development Report prepared by an independent group of scientists. Why the report Despite great efforts achieved under the SDGs there’re still some loop holes that need to be sealed. There has been limited progress globally,... Continue Reading →

Taking Power Back in our Hands

By Constance Ndeleko I tell my story so that you will be empowered to make change, but always remember it is my story to tell. The Kenya Society of Care Leavers launched guidelines on how to engage care leavers in care reform processes following existing gaps especially when it comes to how their stories are... Continue Reading →

Combating OCSE

By Constance Ndeleko Life is a long dream and we must dedicate ourselves towards understanding the importance of making a leap towards a goal, which is protecting our children. We have to be effective in the lives of our children as a society in order to guard and guide them through life. Online Child Sexual... Continue Reading →

Violence in the lives of children.

By Constance Ndeleko Violence in the lives of children. According to data from 30 countries, nearly half of children aged 12 to 23 months are subjected to corporal punishment at home and a similar proportion are exposed to verbal abuse. Violence is both common and widespread – and no society is without some level of... Continue Reading →

Court: Corporal punishment is Unconstitutional in SA

By Constance Ndeleko The way to solve a problem is not through Violence we can communicate better than corporal punishment. Reasonable punishment can be quiet abusive too. South Gauteng High Court declared that corporal punishment at home is unconstitutional on September 18th. The constitutional court ruled that the common law of reasonable and moderate parental chastisement of... Continue Reading →

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