About Us

Who We Are

Mtoto News is an online platform of news, information and resources on children.

Our Goal

Our aim is to  make significant positive difference in the lives of children by increasing their visible in political, social, development and cooperate discourse.

Our Values

  • Best Interest of the Child
  • Child Participation
  • Evidence based
  • Collaboration
  • Partnership

Our Strategies

We are leveraging  on the increasing number of internet users to achieve the goal by making relevant, accurate and timely information on children accessible. Our interactive social media pages are designed  to trigger conversations, discuss topical issues on children, come up with solutions and advocate for sustainable change. Mtoto News supports engagements and campaigns that aim at improving the lives and welfare of children.





Our Objectives

  • To report in the Best Interest of the Child.
  • To Relate current affairs/trends with child well being
  • To Fact check all NEWS items and Blogs against international instruments on children such as UNCRC, ACRWC and child research.
  • To Engage the main stream media to increase children stories.
  • To Conduct surveys on children and current affairs
  • To be a leading media brand related with children

Our Areas of work


We are intentional in looking and distributing, news and information on children. We interrogate news to ensure they are factual and in line with child rights principles. This is through our online newspaper mtotonews.com,  youtube.com/mtotonews and our social media platforms @mtotonews.

We believe information has the power to change, hence we use the new media to engage policy makers, implementer and children in putting children first through bi monthly twitter and Facebook chat #MtotoTalk.


We believe in evidence backed reports, hence we conduct research on current affairs to bring out the child rights perspective. This is done a through continuous evidence and fact checking of all our reports, as well as conducting investigative reports.


In our effort of making children visible, we conduct social media campaigns on different children issues, as well as supporting other campaigns on children. Here is a summary of  some of our campaigns  https://storify.com/mtotonews

Learning Forums

We are strengthening collaborations among children actors through our online communities as well as organizing regular learning forums.

Our Team



Mtoto News has a board of adviser made up industry experts in areas of new media, children, ICT for Development, Child law, Finance and Business development.The board give guidance in the growth and strategy of Mtoto News.

Mtoto News team lead is Jennifer Kaberi, a child development specialist, who has worked in the children sector and especially policy and advocacy for over 10 years.

Mtoto News has a lean staff structure made up of journalist, video producers, legal and education experts


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