A Mother of Two Claims Education is Satanic.

A mother of two is being detained in police custody for pulling her children from school claiming education is Satanic.

By Constance Ndeleko

According to a local news daily, reports indicate that a mother of two Esther Njeri, 36, pulled her kids out of school claiming that education is satanic in Nanyuki.

Sources brief that Esther, pulled her form two 13 year old girl and her brother who is 8 years out of school. The two had not seen a day in the classroom since resumption of in-person learning early January.

Reports from her baffled neighbors also indicate that she had started warning friends and family about the end of the world and asking them to repent before the year ended.

Esther Njeri also holds a degree two degrees; Bachelor of Commerce Degree and another one in Accounting.

Fearlessly, she mentioned that she was ready to face the law while comparing her tribulations to the biblical Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego.

 Currently, Njeri has been detained at Nanyuki polic station

Woman with 2 degrees pulls kids from school, claims education is satanic

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