COVID-19: Child Protection Insistence

By Constance Ndeleko

How well are we relaying child friendly information on COVID-19

The Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children (KAACR) applauds the governments’ initiative on its directives towards protecting its citizens from COVID-19 that has sent shock-waves across the globe.

Children are the most vulnerable group and hardest hit by pandemics and it is of importance to ensure that we take the appropriate measures to warrant a promising future by prioritizing the safety of their well-being says KAACR.

Additionally, KAACR recommended that:

The government to emphasis on:

Child friendly Awareness measures; where implementers and message originators consider using a language that is easily understood by children.

A clear need to incorporate children in its plan by including bodies like the National Council for Children Services (NCCS) to assist in training, planning and execution process of addressing the pandemic to ensure areas reserved for quarantine be child friendly whether at home or in hospital.

It is vital we protect children Institutions especially those in charitable organizations that tend to receive well-wishers or visitors through the right procedures from the department of Children Services.

KAACR propose that the government to also allow the use of the 116 toll free help line by children, that they have already memorized to communicate issues in regards to the world wide spread virus aside from the one provided by the government which is the 719.

It also urges the media to support the government eg. Department of children Services to make child friendly content to allow children to take responsible measure that will protect them.


Children-Based Civil Society Organizations have been urged by KAACR to abide by the guidelines given by the government on social distancing as well as other instructions and create innovative, accommodative yet adjustable budgets to aid the government through these tough times especially on child protection initiatives.

KAACR also asks the Civil Society to take a step to support the government and relevant ministries in their locality where need is felt. As well as donor to remain relevant to the year planned activities eg by re-designing their programs to fit in with this period.

It urges parents to be vigilant and abide to the governments guidelines. Children were given school work and there’re educational programs that are being provided to at least boost the children through this phase thus parents should at least strive to provide basic needs and take caution to protect children.


Children have been urged by KAACR to exercise their rights as well as take responsible measures towards protecting their well-being by also abiding to the directive given by the government.

They further state that Corona is passing Cloud that will sweep across the country and find us well protected thus leaves the most vulnerable members of the society- in fact to tell a story to their children and children’s children.

#Stay Home






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