Silencing The Guns

By:Chelsea Kituku

Silencing the Guns in Africa aims to achieve a conflict-free Africa and make peace a reality for all. The campaign is to promote prevention, management and resolution of conflicts in Africa and calls upon all countries to invest in peace. Silencing the guns also involves sustainable development and human rights.

Challenges that lead people to violent conflicts include:

  • poverty
  • historical injustices
  • inequality
  • unemployment
  • climate change
  • corruption

Exposure to violence may disrupt a child’s normal development and affect well-being. We need to secure a peaceful and safe environment for our children.

2020 stop war on the children

Millions of children’s lives are being devastated by war and conflict worldwide, every child needs to grow in a peaceful environment.

Children bear the biggest brunt of conflict and war in Africa. Children have been recruited and used by armed groups; most girls have been sexually assaulted in conflict. Armed conflict on children include:

  • Trafficking
  • smuggling
  • violent extremism
  • radicalization

This calls for world leaders to do more to keep children safe and uphold their rights. Children have a right to education but during conflict children can’t go to school. This limits their development and opportunities for the future.

Its everyone’s responsibility to rise, end the war and silence the guns. Children voices need to be heard and their rights need to be protected and respected.



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