Girl dies from Ebola in Uganda

By Ann Wambui 9 year old Congolese girl has died in Uganda after ailing from Ebola. The child had been tested and found positive of Ebola while staying in Uganda. According to World Health Organization , the reported cases have risen and statistics stand at 3,000 cases. However, since declaration of Ebola outbreak in the... Continue Reading →

Teenagers die in Marsabit during livestock raid

By Ann Wambui “When two bulls fight, the grass suffers,”. A famous saying that implies in situations where there is a conflict between individuals or a group of people results to the suffering of an innocent party. There are various types of conflicts including, political, tribal, that result to displacement of families and in the... Continue Reading →

Children in War Zone.

By Miriam Jomo One in six children live in war zones, this is according to a report by Save the Children. Children living in countries with war have come under direct attack, been killed, or recruited to fight, and used as human shields. And world leaders are still failing to hold perpetrators to account for... Continue Reading →

Talent is not enough

By Constance Ndeleko Children in Kirinyaga county showcased their fashionable styles during the one week training in FUNtastic Talent Show organized by TAPKidsAfrica at Sifa Gardens, Kutus. After the one weeks training the children were ready to display their talents in Karate, public speaking, news presentation, fashion and design, art, poetry, acrobats, comedy, singing and... Continue Reading →

Ethiopia bans begging, prostitution

By Ann Wambui In almost every country there exists a number of families or individuals who live off the streets especially the capital because of the potential cities bear as a result of frequent visitors and flow of economy. It is under these circumstances and other push factors including poverty, freedom to move and others... Continue Reading →

Talent Knows NO Color.

By Dennis Njoroge In the past two weeks, two well known football players namely Paul Pogba and Tammy Abraham of Manchester united and Chelsea Football club respectively have been subjects of racial abuse from their fans because of missing vital penalties that could have seen their respective teams winning the match. The abuse come from... Continue Reading →

Two weeks on Boat or 8 hours on Plane?

By Ann Wambui If there is something that scares me right now is the vast change in weather patterns especially the beginning of 2019. It was dry longer than it usually is and as a country, Kenya, we experienced drought in various parts of the country. Both children and adults succumbed to famine and there... Continue Reading →

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