Drugs and Substance Abuse among Primary School Children-NACADA

By Ann Wambui Kenya has for the longest time had to deal with alcohol and other drugs control but it would not be so obvious that children could be greatly affected with this. But the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse conducted a recent research on the status of drugs and... Continue Reading →


Children Involvement in the Society

By Constance Ndeleko Children’s participation includes the opportunity for children to express their points of view and opinions and thus to influence decisions which may affect their lives. Participation includes different kinds of involvement, contribution, assistance and co-determination. They differ in quality and have to be distinguished in participation initiated and controlled by adults, equal... Continue Reading →

Environment is Life

By Constance Ndeleko The environment is everything that is around. It can be living or non-living things. It includes physical, chemicals and other natural forces. Living things live in their environment. They constantly interact with it and change in response to conditions in their environment We met the youngest environmentalist in Kenya Ellyanne Wanjiku at... Continue Reading →

Machine Driven Era

By Miriam Jomo With growth the thinking and how a child perceives things change. To learn what is right and wrong, they begin asking questions, the curiosity intensifies. One of the ways to cub this curiosity is by asking questions and the urge increases and if the answers are not well answered they look for... Continue Reading →

Uphold Childhood Rights.

By Kevin Anyonge Kenya joins the rest of Africa in celebrating the Children,during this years Day of the African Child, commemorating the day at the national event in Hola Tana River county,Under the theme,"Humanitarian Action in Africa. Children Rights First" Has seen a series of various pre-events held at county level to create awareness of... Continue Reading →

Kenya cleared off Ebola scare

By Ann Wambui Children are the most vulnerable people in any disaster or emergency especially disease outbreaks. According to Democratic Republic of Congo government figures, 243 children succumbed to Ebola in DRC since the outbreak reported in August 2018. According to Save the Children, across the three worst-affected countries – Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea... Continue Reading →

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