Teen Talk

By Constance Ndeleko Teenagers over the years have been the most misunderstood people on the planet. They are often treated as children and expected to act like adults. Their opinions have been looked down upon because of the adolescent stage as most people assume they act on impulse, moods or emotions. How often do we... Continue Reading →


By Swalha Once upon a time there lived a girl by the name Jessie. She used to go to Bidii Primary School. Jessie was so helpful and enjoyed having fun. She would be as happy as a sand boy every day. Nothing could put her down. Once she did her K.C.P.E examination, she passed with... Continue Reading →


By Melcah, Once lived a girl called Maria. Her family was very poor and said what should we do with this child and we have no money to feed her. So one cold and rainy night Marias mother and father left her at a rich persons door step. Hoping that they would take care of... Continue Reading →

Rape is Child Abuse

By Jayden Fidel Once upon a time there lived a girl called Tecla. One day Tecla was walking in a street from school. Some bad boys came and raped her. The boy told her not to tell anyone or he will kill her. Tecla cried and ran to the police station and told the police... Continue Reading →


By Iven Cheron Bullying is a vice where or teenage harass, threaten, insult, tease and blackmail other children. Cyber bullying is the same behaviour extended to the online platform such as phones, website, blogs and chart rooms. Cyber bullying can be an extension of face to face bullying or it can be a form of... Continue Reading →

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