Surviving Tough Times

By Constance Ndeleko

Life is about celebrating each other and every moment and living up to it . E very Child deserves the best in this world and we should not be self-center to forget that the future is still in their hands.

We either make it or break on how a society decides to carry itself in the presence of children or behind the scenes.

Over the past few days famine and water shortages have been the making headlines in our dailies and broadcasts yet, we’ve it all in our hands to ensure children in Turkana can at least have food and water on the table to quench their thirst.

About 805,000 people out of 1.2 million people in Turkana are faced with starvation due to persistent drought and lack of rain and among them are children.

It is a disgrace to the society that we’ve to let it come to the extreme for us to wake up and see the bigger picture of how young children, mother, grandparents and most of the communities in Kenya suffer from acute water shortage and food insecurity.

With the launch of the Big Four Agenda the government needs to be at the forefront of this and help out children who are drinking dirty water dug from dried river beds and going for days without food. Children not only in Turkana region but several other communities are malnutrition and experience stunted growth, which hinders them from reaching their optimal growth and development.

Children need our utmost support for them to reach their full potential. Without our unceasing sustenance then they will fail in life which intern leads to : dropping out of school, enhancing early child pregnancies and child marriage, encouraging child labor where children will be forced to fend for the family as they become bread winners.

We can do better than wait for a National disaster to strike for us to act. The money set aside for such emergencies should cater for the children and their family’s needs for their sustainability. How ironic is it that, maize can be stored until rendered unfit for human consumption yet, we’ve innocent people dying of hunger?

We must protect our children from this and shield their well-being. They need us to set a good example for them and make informed decision that will help them. It is in hopes that they will be supplied with adequate food and clean water as Devolution CS. Eugene Wamalwa says, ‘National Government has enough food to feed all affected victims while launching the National Government relief food distribution in Lodwar.’

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