A sporty Child

By Dennis Njoroge

They say all work without play makes jack a dull boy, it is an old saying and it will remain very factual. Most schools in Kenya have physical education (P.E) as part of their day to day learning activity, in high schools they have the first term and second term secondary schools’ games where they participate in various sporting action.

It is in these competitions where Kenya is able to spot the talent that flies Kenyan’s flag in the continental competitions like the world cup and the Olympics.

There are many benefits in allowing children to actively participate in sports, they include; Team work Regular exercise, stronger relationships, Better communicators, Time management, Develop self- esteem, Self-defense and Teaches self-respect.

Today we are going to talk about the impact of sports in teaching team work and engaging in self-defense.

Self Defense: Is the counter measure one takes to protect oneself for purposes of their well-being from harm. In sporting activities self-defense mechanism, is taught mostly in Martial Arts. It enables children to learn possible measures to protect themselves.

In Cases of Rape and bullying being on rise, then with sports like karate which is a Japanese martial art that involves the physical aspect, of seeking development of defensive and counter attacking body movement and mostly unarmed. It involves a lot of discipline and training and also helps in mental and moral aspects with the aim of improving an individual acts. It teaches children on different self-defense mechanism that can assist them in coping in situations especial when they are not accompanied.

img_20190312_1248074793266161164800089 (1)

Team work: Is the combined effort that involves two or more people working together towards an effective and efficient goal. Sports like soccer and rugby requires team work to be able to achieve the main purpose. Team work in the field reciprocate to school work via group works, it enable them to work hand in hand to do their discussions and complete their projects.

With the above disciplines, it enables children to have an overall functioning education, it gives them the freedom to express themselves, develop spirit of healthy competition as well as staying fit and energetic. Additionally, it is important for their health and the society should give every child no matter their ability, to participate in this, for the benefit of their growth and development.

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