Violence against Children Needs to Stop

By Ann Wambui Violence exists in various forms. Child violence is "common" in hundreds of Kenyan as well as international households. This exists in sexual, physical and emotional violence forms. Any type of violence against a child is critical as some children are not able to grow elephant skins and move on past the experiences.... Continue Reading →

Children’s Voices

Constance Ndeleko During the 2nd Children Devolution conference, children were grouped into regions that they came from to discuss on the Big Four Agenda. They voiced their vices on several issues that led them to have a panel session, with lots of question and answer towards the responsible partners and government representatives. Some of the... Continue Reading →

Food Security for Children

Constance Ndeleko It means having food on the table, especially a balanced diet, appropriately cooked, food we can easily access that hasn’t expired, which is nutritious and will enhance our development. Most Children walk almost five kilometers to and from home for lunch and they have to come back under the scorching sun in the... Continue Reading →

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