Psychosocial Support Intensifies, Sealing Loose Ends

By Peter Midwa

What’s one of the best ways to seal loose ends in providing basic human rights? Where would you tell communities to start? These are the questions that need to be answered, and we all have an equal say.


For the Regional Psychosocial Initiative (REPSSI), an NGO operating in East & Southern Africa to ensure children enjoy psychosocial wellbeing, the answer is simply being proactive in spreading wellness, and the human rights will come much more easily.


After constructive efforts to impact girls, boys and youth in Africa, REPSSI officially launched the African Psychosocial Support Institute (APSSI) in Johannesburg, South Africa on 20th November 2018. APSSI is already living up to high expectations by providing psychosocial support to children through their teachers.


According to Lynette Mudekunye, acting REPSSI chief executive officer, it’s about “yielding a ripple effect where teachers will be equipped with wellness solutions that will improve the education outcomes of the children and the children’s immediate families and communities at large.”


The need for psychosocial support is becoming more and more apparent in Africa as there is high number of 2 million vulnerable children every year.  Through APSSI, teachers will be introduced and intimately acquainted with providing psychosocial care, support and protection to children within school and learning environments, pulling vulnerable children deeper into growth itself.


Children need to be seen as more than just children, but as people society comes to relate to and care for. I am talking about working through their issues, which is not only one of the best ways to forging human rights, but a critical enabler for sustainable development.        


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