Psychological Support for the Child

Constance Ndeleko

Giving children the opportunity to be stimulated and learn is one of the way to enhance a healthy development physically, mentally and emotionally. We gather for a training course organized by (REPSSI) Regional Psycho-social Support Initiative that gives psychological support into programs and services for girls, boys and youth in East and Southern Africa in Nairobi to learn and understand the importance and need for psychological well-being of a child.

We have to ensure we give children the best we can to ensure they have the best environment for development and it starts with good parenting and care for their holistic well-being. Children are spending a lot of their time in school and there’s need for god psychological support to both the parents and the teachers.

The moment a teacher steps into the classroom where s/he is not in the best position or sound mind to allow them to take these children through the syllabus then that will be problematic to the children and instead of concentrating on the lesson they will keep on looking out on the reactions of their teacher which is similar to the parents causing confusion to the children.

We need to take care of our psychological wellness to support our children grow up sound. Good psychological support enhances good education, understanding and well-being and when this lacks in a child then it becomes the breaking point where they start engaging in funny activities and adapting bad behaviors.

There’re many challenges that children face because they’re not supported by their guardians, parents and care givers.  We have to take the initiative and responsibility to care for them adequately by avoiding happenings that will negatively affect and torture their normal upbringing such as domestic violence, spiting and exchanging insults, setting standard with high expectations of their achievements.

We need to allow children to grow up as children and not rob them of their childhood by taking it away from them where we could easily avoid these happenings from them. The reality is that these happenings tend to affect their upbringing and how they turn out where we see some ending up in juvenile or even courts in attempt/of criminal offence.

Children need to socialize and have friends to understand their skills, abilities, talents and community. They’ve to realize their potential at these early stages to encourage confidence the ability to do things and how they can help one another be the best version of themselves. We have to allow them to play together rather than spending unimaginable long hours on their gadgets or on TV.

As adults we have to give them a listening and pardoning ear since they’ve to grow, make mistakes to be able to understand what is right and what is wrong. The incredible amount of time we spend on social media on the road, at home and on social events if only we could reduce that and listen, talk and teach our kids on how they should things then we will be come in handy in their development.

Adequate attention to children will help us learn and see how they grow up and trust you me we’ll not miss out on any changes or something that is disturbing them. At least one will be able to pin point that something is not right with how the child is behaving.

Poor psychological support for children tend to turn out into criminal acts, offending behavior, poor health, poor performance on school and at home, bad etiquette, lack of respect, anti-socialism, loneliness, anger and hatred towards themselves and others.

As we advocate good psychological support for children, government, ministries and partners should and need to take the initiative to ensure that children are fully and totally supported through out for a better society. Everyone has to be in the best psychological support for these children to harvest the best from us and themselves.


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