Children on the Move.

Constance Ndeleko

As much as we would like to say we are leaving in a rational setting well, we’re not! My heart bulged and contracted at the same time when I heard of these words “Children on the move”-These are children moving from one country to the other or within the country either involuntarily or voluntarily. It is estimated at least 50 million CHILDREN are on the move worldwide most having been affected by migration a report by UNICEF. This topic came across while we were attending the 13TH CSO Forum of the 32nd ordinary session in Addis Ababa and all I was left with was, are we human enough? Am I? Have you and I ever thought of these children? How can we help them?

As much as I would love to change each and every life of those young souls who walk and cover miles and miles of land trying to find refuge at least in a safe zone to shield their heads from the scorching sun, unpredictable weather of mild and cold seasons, exposure to child abuse such as Child marriage, Child Trafficking, child sexual exploitation, Child labor, Child negligence and deprivation of their rights I just don’t know how but to write this story that might reach out to well-wishers.

Imagine life in the camp not knowing when a better life will come by. Living just by the day not knowing what will befall as you don’t have good shelter to protect you from the harsh environment where you and your family are deprived into deep poverty level. Imagine living by the last drop of water not knowing when you will get to quench your thirst again. Imagine just living because you cannot give up on life.

Picture living life full of fear of who will be attacked or who is going to die the next. Living without expectations of choices but what is available. A child eating maize and beans provided for them but we are rest assured that their little tummies cannot process it but it is life for them and they need to toughen up their skin to see the next day. Imagine a child raising a child when they’re left behind without parents but they just live by the grace and trust that there are destined for a much better life.

It is a bitter sweet moment where we have to face reality that children leaving in the camps, and those on the move are not leaving right. I don’t know if it has ever crossed your mind of how they survive all this but it has to me and they need us to come into their rescue.

We need to reflect as a society to try and give these young beings a holistic well-being to allow them to grow and develop fully. From my random thoughts, it kills me inside that there are many children out there going through this same old normalcy which is not normal at all and they have to face the world with the same aggressiveness, courage and braveness as everyone else.

It is in hopes that convergence of all these CSO’s in Addis Ababa with organizations a like Save the Children will redefine the lives of these children and re-direct them into a better future that will at least accommodate most of the normalcy and shape their way of thinking by re-structuring their understanding of life.

Children on the move and those in camps need help, many are dying of hunger, many are sickly and they are travelling miles in hopes to see what the next day holds for them. The CSO Forum called for support on how we can tackle this issue of children on the move that is on the rise and that will be out of hand soon and  if we’re not careful we will lose our future.

I read a story of a young one who had this big dream of how he aspires to grow up and be a doctor who will treats everyone In their caravan and this young girl whose dreams were to fly the big Boeing machines which she believes will help her earn money and she will build schools and homes to everyone in the camp so that they can have at least a normal life and find meaning in it. These are their dreams and we have to try and help them come true by finding right configurations that will hold their hands into accomplishing them.

It is a call for action and we have to act now to save the dreams and lives of these children and perhaps bring sanity in their life for them to find purpose in it. It is sad that they have to undergo all this emotional, psychological torture and not knowing of a happy life, having food, living under a roof, clean water, proper sanitation, hygiene and never having to worry about what is next because they are children.

I am putting this down perhaps if you come across it, may be we can juggle our minds to try and help these children have at least close to a normal life. These children have seen more than what their age can allows them to see .Some will say it is the way it is but I guess we can change the narrative if only we can allow ourselves to be sound enough to find solutions for them rather than pity.

There’s need to raise awareness around the globe, accountability for rights of the children on the move and children affected by migration.

Let’s bring saneness home.  She is a girl and he is a boy just like the ones you have at home. We need to help children who are on the move with combined efforts from the government, CSO’s, NGO’S, Well-wishers and the society by providing better policies on child migration.





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