Once Upon A Child

By Anne Jepchirchir

Sexual abuse involving children is a stark reality in Kenya and is on the rise each passing day.There is this misinterpretation about sexual abuse that it is a rare happening perpetrated against girls by male strangers in informal settlements. But to the contrary, it is a common occurrence that results in harming hundreds of children both boys and girls alike,in large and small communities.

These acts are perpetrated by a variety of people including women,men strangers trusted friends or family and people of all sexual orientation. What is sexual abuse in other terms rape? this is sexual intercourse by an adult with a person below a statutory designated age and who under the law is incapable of consenting to sex.Such activity may result in prosecution for statutory rape.

Sexual abuse leaves a distaste in the mouth of the victims.To some unless counseled, it may leave permanent scars. These scars more often affect how they relate with members of the opposite sex and day to day life too.This act to me is very shocking and vile,how can you defile a minor and feel no remorse at all?

For instance a man from Kayole was found to have been  defiling his two daughters for nearly five months,I fail to understand how one can do this to his own flesh and blood .These rape cases have been rampant following the recently finished KCPE and the on going KCSE exams have seen minors raped and children giving birth all but in the period of a month.

The recent rape case seeing a KCSE candidate raped by the principle in Wajir county. Idle Abdi Haret of Habswein mixed secondary school (the principle) was arrested on Sunday and has been arraigned in  court awaiting verdict.

A number of candidates in Mombasa and Kwale counties wrote their KCPE exams in maternity after giving birth another pupil from Longo Primary school starting to have labour pains before starting her first paper..

For how long should our children suffer in the hands of these perpetrators? They should face the law and answer to their misgivings according to the sexual offenses act (2006).


Child sexual abuse brings about depression and cuts short the full potential in which a child ought to grow into.More awareness should be impacted in order to cub this ordeal.


Photo Courtsey// The Express Tribune

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