Inequality among national candidates

By Ann Wambui

Equality is defined as the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities (Wikipedia). Policies in Kenya advocate for equality in all sectors but truthfully, that is not practical.

I talk about equality because I feel there is a lot of inequality with planning in the country. I feel like there is a loophole in terms of how policies are made and decisions are made.

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination began last week October 22, and Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) begins October 30, all over the country but i have a worry. I am worried about the candidates who were affected by Njoro and Narok clashes September this year. I am worried that the system is not fair despite the unfortunate happenings in the society. I am worried that the students were not fully baked for the fact that they were home for a period of time while others in other regions were continuing with school and revision.

As a result of the clashes in these areas, most families sort refuge in schools which meant that normal running of the school was interfered with and the same for their sylabus. I wonder if there is a criteria used to test the preparedness of candidates for these exams.

I just remembered that some time this year, teachers from Arabia Boys High School in Mandera down tooled after two of their colleagues were killed in an Al-Shaabab attack. For a period close to one term, the students were not attending classes due to the insecurity risk at that time and that there were no teachers in class.

I question the tactics used by policy makers or educationists who are mandated with the tak of ensuring that a student is fully prepared for these national exams. This is because the tests will be marked without care whether there were teachers in school throughout or not, whether or not students had obstactles during the three terms.

According to the Daily Nation, there are 1.6 million candidates registered for both national examinations. Kenya National Examinations Council acting chief executive officer Mercy Karogo reported that 964,119 candidates have been registered for KCPE and 631,750 for KCSE. Last year 1.5 million candidates were registered for the same exams.

From the Mtoto News team, we wish all the candidates best of luck with their exams and good health.

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