United in the Camp: Holiday at it’s Best

By Kevin Anyonge¬† A society that cares for its children plays a big role in the nurturing and future investment in children. Showing the parental love and caring builds towards growth and development of a child at a tender age. Dignified Children International has been spreading love and care to children by holding a series... Continue Reading →

Rich in culture, Charity Begins at Home

By Constance Ndeleko Rich in culture and traditions Maasai are well respected and largely known of how they tend to keep it together not forgetting where they come from. Culture and traditions are some of the values that we keep an eye for whilst we identify of our belonging to, though if we are not... Continue Reading →

Schedule in My Play Time.

By Constance Ndeleko Of late there has been a reduced playtime for children in the society which tends to force them to focus and give more time to academics and play adults roles than being in the field running around. It is absurd how you find activities schedules for academics slot and no break for... Continue Reading →

Knowing More About Your Child

By Constance Ndeleko Work without play makes jack a dull boy.Well the holidays are coming almost to an end and children have to go back to school.SO,What have you done of your children or what have your children done during the holiday? As said holidays are important for children to take a break from schooling... Continue Reading →

Giving Back,Child’s Well-being

By Constance Ndeleko We delegate on ensuring that we give the best to our children in the society and it is also the responsibility of the religious institutions to come up with forums and programs for the well-being of children in the community.No matter where you belong children deserve a solid society that takes care... Continue Reading →

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