Ifikie Wazazi, In The Eyes Of An Adolescent

By Kevin Anyonge

 As per the oxford advanced learners dictionary it states an adolescent is a young person who is developing from a child into an adult .the period which this happens is called adolescence a time

In a person’s life when he or she develops from a child into an adult. Many times teenagers in adolescence are thought of as a problem that no one really wants to deal with. People are sometimes intimidated and become hostile when teenagers are willing to challenge their authority.


This teenagers bring our opinions and issues that make people in a trepidation state and looked at as being disrespectful to whom they can call their father and mother. Adolescents at many times are not treated like an asset and as innovative thinkers who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Which is being talked about by everyone this sounds poetic to the teenagers who are now denied chances as leaders when they become qualified, yes we can say adults have the power to teach the young generation about the world and allow them to feel they have a voice in it?


Adults should not make false promises to adolescent people which never get fulfilled. Adolescents experience many problems which need a counselor to help them cope up the situations taking place in their life time, many are not understood by adults on how much they think today and don’t take something at a face value in the eyes of an adolescent.

Adolescent young people should grow up in stages.


The adolescent has to accept him or herself the way they are. They should not shy away from the changes of nature.


They should decide what is good for them and not what others want from them at this point they should avoid peer pressure which will create curiosity of exploring many things and indulging in wrong companies.


They should occupy to avoid idleness, many idle around walking here and there. They can do some reading, house chores or play with friends to avoid too much idleness


Advice seems best; they should pay attention to their seniors by taking advice from organized people on how to live a better life in future.


They should empower themselves with correct information since technology has taken a stride ahead.


They should satisfy their body and mind through inspirational and motivational data. This is all about to avoid immoral thoughts which might lead to sin.


Choosing friends carefully. Associating with upright friends of good morals, who can later be of benefit to their future life.


Embracing faith in God. Attending the church to seek some guidance from church counselors. Praying to Avert evil.


Noting all changes that are taking place in their body. They should accept this physical changes and keep not to be just afraid of them.


Talking to people with usefulness. To gain knowledge on how to achieve in life for a bright future ahead.




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