Ending FGM From The Family Level

By Rose Chebet

Female genital mutilation and Gender based Violence (GBV)  have been a vice, at times a practice in our society.

Back in the days, FGM was a common practice, in our society, only that I feel we didn’t give it as much thought as it meant. Just as a boy goes through circumcision to be a man, it meant the same for a woman, But women, nowadays are just as empowered as men are and Fgm is a practice that deprives women of the dignity the intend so much to protect.

Rape leads on GBV cases, where a specific gender has to feel inferior for carrying the beauty they convey.
This not only brings doubt but also mental depression. so many cases have been reported and some haven’t. All these are a harm to the future we so seek.

For our youth and children to be in a safe future and environment. Its not a matter of tribe. Its a matter of humanity.

we can lock in all the rapists and child molesters, we can lock in all who practice FGM, but if we don’t teach our kids morals, they’ll end up being the rapists we so want the not to be.

Home based violence, plays a big part in this, parents fighting with kids watching them, is a vice that kids inherit to the next levels of their lives, but with dialogue, understanding and the right upbringing we can all kiss goodbye such cases.

“Once the nuclear family is rot, so is a society”


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