It is school holidays agaia! Ideas on what to do with your children

It is that time of the year again, whereas a parent you discover your weekly budget has just tripled. As a child development specialist, it is that time when parents start asking you, "What do I do with my children?". Here is my guide to hacking the holidays Week One Activity: Let the children sleep... Continue Reading →


The Big 4, for Under 18 Year Olds

In the beginning of his second term, President Uhuru Kenyatta, announced that he will focus of 4 key areas, namely Manufacturing, Food and Nutrition security, Universal Health Care and Housing and Shelter, which he dubbed the "Big Four. The Big Four are meant to accelerate development of Kenya. We at Mtoto News believe that children... Continue Reading →

Let Their Voices’ Be Heard,Children Bill 2018

By Kevin Anyonge The National Validation of the Children Bill 2018 is currently taking place at Sarova Stanley Hotel,Nairobi Kenya. In attendance are the civil society organizations and government agencies who worked on the making of the children Bill 2018. Mr. Noah Sanganyi from the department of children services said "As you sit here as... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Cut

In our first article in the FGM series, we looked at what is this mutilation. Thank you all for the feedback, which included adding facts on FGM. Which we will cover in today's article. It is estimated 250 Million girls and women have been cut, as shown in the map below. It is estimated over... Continue Reading →

Ending FGM From The Family Level

By Rose Chebet Female genital mutilation and Gender based Violence (GBV)  have been a vice, at times a practice in our society. Back in the days, FGM was a common practice, in our society, only that I feel we didn't give it as much thought as it meant. Just as a boy goes through circumcision... Continue Reading →

Steering Child Protection Forward

By Peter Midwa A draft report on the review of policies, legislations and programs for the elimination of child labor in Kenya was shared in 28th February 2018, in Nairobi Safari Club. The meeting brought together stakeholders of child protection including the Department of Children Services and World Vision Kenya among others.   About 773,696... Continue Reading →

Time To Act,Not Yet A Bride

By Kevin Anyonge Child marriage is still hampering development in Kenya,as underage girls get married off and at early age killing their future dreams.A Father and Mother of right sense would not let her daughter prematuley cut off her education to get married she could have achieved her dreams of being a Pilot,Lawyer,Doctor,Teacher and many... Continue Reading →

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