Just a Slap,But It Lasts A Lifetime

By Ken Musaba Spare the child, spoil the road; is an old proverb used by most of our African parents to justify their violence action against children, but did you know caning, slapping and pinching is a type of corporal punishment and is seen as violence against children? Making it the most common type of... Continue Reading →


The FGM Act in a Nutshell

By Liz Amandla Female genital mutilation/cutting, FGM/C, is considered barbaric in many countries around the world, including Africa. Yes. Africa. I remember reading a story in a book of short stories called Half a Day and Other Stories, the specific story titled Against the Pleasure Principle. This story explains the brutal experience of FGM/C that... Continue Reading →

Together To End Female Genital Mutilation

By Kevin Anyonge The first Anti-FGM conference took place at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development.The conference is in line with the celebration of the International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM which happens 6th of February of each year. The event convened by the Anti-FGM board among other stakeholders brought together over 400 delegates... Continue Reading →

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