Don’t touch FGM law: Focusing on ending violence against girls

By Peter Midwa Female Genital Mutilation across Kenya has gone down over the last three decades, but the progress is not enough to keep up with a rising population. Should this slow progress continue, we will see a rise in the number of girls being cut. At least 400 hundred girls in Kenya have been... Continue Reading →

Is it a minor surgery

In the last two weeks, media both local and global has been washed with the a story of a Kenyan doctor who wants legalizing of Female Genital Mutilation. As a child protection profession, I have followed the story with keen interest, trying to dissect the whole case but I still cant get my feelings and... Continue Reading →

A Healthy Surprise…

By Faith M. Precious Blood High School, Riruta I had long dreamed of the day I would fully grow into womanhood. I felt as if I took a big step towards this when I began menstruating. I knew that a permanent change had occurred in me that would affect my behavior in general. I had... Continue Reading →

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