Is It Really FREE- Education Promise

By Annelyn Barbara

A bright future for every child is what the National Super Alliance are offering the Kenyan child if elected. This comes as good news for every child because they will be able to achieve their dreams, but are we sure that this promises will be fulfilled and how?

I am not a political analyst or affiliated to any party but I am here for the child .We have to be very critical about the well being of a child as we head to the general elections.

Let’s take a look at what NASA is offering the child in relation to education.

  1. Free and compulsory primary education
  2. Free secondary education and expanding secondary school infrastructure to close the gap between primary leavers to form 1 place.
  3. Expanding teachers training capacity to ensure the ratio of teacher student is appropriate.

It is quite interesting that though they are offering this to the child they are not telling us how they will achieve it. Imagine this, if every child is able to join secondary school that will be very good but will they   have access to enough books because there is no where books have been mentioned in the education manifestoe.A child needs to access books and learning materials at all cost because I believe a child needs stationeries in the learning process.

Secondly, expanding secondary school infrastructure is good because it will ensure that all the children are accommodated and they will have a place where they will develop their skills .BUT, where is this money coming from? Are we going to borrow it from somewhere else yet Kenya has a debt that is already hitting the roof. We need to know where the funds will come from. Where this infrastructure will be placed, will our children lose their playing ground and if so what will happen to their space for rest and leisure .Where will they get recreational facilities if what we are building is just infrastructure without explaining what kind you are building. The infrastructures will they be safe for our children and will it cater for the children with disabilities? This is what we really need to know.

On the other hand you have said you will increase the ratio of teacher to student to be appropriate, expanding the institution is good but how will you manage the numbers of teachers you will employ? Because Teachers strikes have been many and this is affecting the growth of our children mentally, socially and emotionally. We need a system where we can monitor all this promises and how they will be implemented to ensure that our children receive the best.

We need an elaborated manifesto where Kenyans will be told how this will be achieved without straining the Kenya economy and making the lives of our children easy.

Barbara is a journalist with Mtoto News

 Mtoto News is an online platform of news, information and resources that aims at making significant change in the lives of children by making them visible. Read  or follow us on twitter and Facebook @mtotonews




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