The Promises; Are they In the Best Interest of the Child

By Jennifer Kaberi

I have just finished reading the manifestos of three political outfits (Third Way  Alliance, The NASA coalition and Jubilee). To be honest it took me back to my teenage years to a very popular song “I will cross the ocean for you” by Monica here is a child friendly version in case you have never listened to the song.  When the ”boyfii” school would play  ( in the school bus or stereo) that song on loud during music festival, It will result to envy from the rival girl’s school who will in turn play on loud “That boy is mine” by Brandy.

The promises in the manifestos are every Kenyan dream,  I could actually visualize the dual carriage from Nairobi to Kisumu, all equipped schools and zero unemployment. The counter from the rivals were the most interesting. As I read I was thinking and thanking the authors, they really thought of what Kenyans want, it will be very confusing to choose who to vote for, from the manifestos, well my only hope is that a Kenyan will win.

In general the manifestos have been well written, the authors did a good job in word arrangement, research and arguments they have put forward. The NASA implementation plan is a good idea, kudos to the brains behind it. It showed the a level of commitment of  ensuring the manifesto is a reality. The achievement bit in the Jubilee manifesto is interesting on the track record. Third way alliance action language and neutral language is very inclusive. That said,

This week I will be analyzing the manifestos from the child rights lens, I will give my views against the United Nations on the Rights and of the Child, The African Charter on Rights and the Welfare of the Child, Sustainable Development Goals and The Kenya Constitution 2010.

I will make comparison of the manifestos against the current challenges facing children, with support from a few of my friends we will rate the different sections on how the manifestos are responsive to child rights. I will leave to you to rate which manifesto has considered the Best Interest of the Child.

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Jennifer Kaberi is a children policy expert, she can be reached on

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