By Kevin Anyonge People shy and never like to talk about people with disability in open, others think of them like a curse or a misfortune to the society, that’s not the case all were created by the Almighty and they should not be looked upon as burden and isolated, they are our children they... Continue Reading →

What Adults can learn from Children Leaders

By Kevin Anyonge   PHOTO: //Raphael Masinde- Children’s Government leaders during the swearing ceremony at Nairobi Primary School.   Today a reader, tomorrow a leader in the words of Margaret Muller one of the most motivational educational quote used to encourage our children about the importance of learning as well as having Leadership skills. The... Continue Reading →


This, as the title suggests, was an event held for the media briefing on various matters affecting children in Kenya. Among the key issues addressed by the panel was the effect of the long drought that engulfed the country on children. The End of Childhood report launched by the government on the first of June... Continue Reading →

Day of the African Child

It is estimated 40% of Africa’s population is below the age of 18 years. Since the enactment of the African Chater on the welfare and the rights of a child, many African government have made efforts to improve the welfare of the child. Some of the progress is that in most African countries is that... Continue Reading →

Say No to Child labour

By Liz Busisa There are many kinds of labour that are considered legal in any jurisdiction. These are the kinds of labour practices that are beneficial to both individuals and their communities. However, a particular labour practice has come to be abused over several centuries ago till date that governments and other institutions concerned have... Continue Reading →


By Kevin Anyonge Childhood can be defined as the state of being a child in simple English, but according to UNICEF Childhood is the time for children to be in school and at play, to grow strong and confident with the love and encouragement of their family and an extended community of caring adults. It... Continue Reading →

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