It is the Right thing to do- Safaricom’s Child Rights Responsive Culture

Safaricom is the largest  mobile and internet provider in Kenya and arguably in East Africa, with an annual revenue of over 1.7 Billion dollars, you can not associate the huge telco with children. We had a sit in with Sanda Ojiambo the head of corporate responsibility at Safaricom to understand the relationship between children and Safaricom. In this weeks article we look at how Safaricom responds to children rights internally.

We started by asking Sanda what is Safaricom?, She told us that Safaricom is a communication company that aims at transforming lives. There transforming agenda is based on 3 Ps  People, Purpose and Profits. This can be seen in their strategies and policies. Safaricom signed the global compact on responsive business because of the realization that for the company to prosper, it had to be responsive to people and planet. In addition It is the first few organization to align it’s operations and strategies to sustainable development goals, Safaricom focused on 9 SDGs Goals 3,4,7,8, 9,10,12,16 and 17.

Sanda Ojiambo, Head of Corporate Responsibility Safaricom Limited

Sanda told us that, this nine goals will enable Safaricom to meet their goals of transforming lives through innovation and decent work and economic growth as they ensure affordable energy, good health and affordable education. In addition to the SDGs, Safaricom has developed a Children’s Rights and Business Policy. The Policy builds upon United Nations  Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRBP).

The policy is meant to safeguard children who are directly and indirectly connected to Safaricom. In the policy Safaricom has put measures to ensure that Parents with young children are able to bring there children to work. Safaricom has done this by designating a special children zone with a creche and nursing area.

Safaricom has put best interest of the child consideration in it’s operations, for instant it audits all of it’s suppliers have been assessed to ensure there is  no child labor or exploitation. All members of staff sign a code of  conduct

In addition Safaricom has developed a Child online protection policy develop which ensures that all their suppliers go through a due diligence process to ensure that child labor was not used in the goods and services production.

To ensure safety of children in the cyberspace Safaricom is supporting communication Authority of Kenya in developing child online protection policy. The policy targets service providers,host, users especially children. Safaricom has also developed an application that can be used to protect children online. The Cyber guard app is available on smart phones and gives parents a way to protect children.

The internal processes of Safaricom have created an environment of child safety. Join us next week as we look at how Safaricom promotes child welfare externally. See below our interview.

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